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Fruit Pulps


Sourced from creative food processors in Costa Rica and giving jobs to many communities around rural areas. Our brand, Jungle Pulp services the tequila bar market in California.  You'll feel like you've traveled to the jungles of Costa Rica, while sipping one of our mango margaritas mixers. Available for food service, food processing, and retail. PET material is used for bottling. 

Hearts of Palm


Hearts of Palms are sourced by our long partners Demasa in Costa Rica, a world leader in the production of this vegetable and an award-winner for environmental innovation.  Not only the ecology is important for this local food giant, but cultivated hears of palm has made a measurable impact on the Amazon by diminishing the loss forests due to wild hearts of palm collection.  



Our pancake waffle mix is one our most popular items;  a homemade recipe with hand-picked ingredients that create a delicious mix and a healthier breakfast. We’ve been servicing some of Los Angeles' busiest breakfast kitchens and cafes since 2009. Our providers also have developed a full line of products and bakery items.  

Sauces & Salsas


Our sauces are made of truly authentic exotic flavors.  Our upcoming "Tico Rub", brings back the traditional Tico flavor so loved by the locals. This dry version with a Lizano profile can now be used for a variety of purposes in the easiest of ways.  Schedule to launch on Amazon January 2021 for the US market. More details to be anounced on our Jungle Pulp instragram junglepulp. 

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