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Gluten-Free Pancake Mix

Let's bring your whole family together for breakfast to a restaurant near you. Iin just minutes, you can enjoy golden-brown, delicious pancakes. Our pancakes regularly receive rave reviews.  Find out why for yourself! In the mood for waffles? Add just a little oil to the batter and this mix has a double purpose.


Sizes Available 

All of our gluten-free products are sold in bulk in 50 lb. bags or boxes for any Food Service.


Our Most Popular Choice

This Gluten-Free Pancake Mix is an absolute favorite among our very happy customers. Enjoy this perfect breakfast choice for your family! One bite and we know  you'll  want to savor these deliviously  healthy pancakes every morning. 

Gluten-Free Bread Mix

Our Multi-Grain Bread Flour makes delicious bread that includes 8% of the recommended daily fiber per serving. Sliced thick or thin, it makes an excellent sandwich, or savor your sweet tooth and turn it into a raisin or nut bread. It will stay moist and soft for three days, without preservatives.

Gluten-Free Corn Bread Mix

Our easy-to-make cornbread mix makes soft, moist corn bread or corn muffins. Perfect as a side dish, a morning starter or a casual snack, people won’t guess it’s gluten-free unless you tell them. Certified kosher.

Gluten-Free Brownie Mix

Our brownies are simple to prepare and lower in fat than other  gluten-free brownies.  NO trans fat. They can be frozen and defrosted without losing flavor. This product is also wheat-free,  lactose-free and casein-free. Certified kosher.

Gluten-Free Cookie Mix

Just like grandma's cookies, this mix is perfect for creating those soft-baked, chewy cookies. Want an extra crunch? Just add a bit more baking time. No one will ever know that this cookie is gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix

This easy to make cake is delicious and versatile. With simple adjustments, you can make a vanilla, lemon, almond or poppy seed cake with this mix. Your cupcakes or cake is freezable, frostable and stays fresh for several days. We love this product and think you will too. Certified kosher.

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix

Makes a delicious golden brown, crunchy, foldable pizza crust in under 30 minutes. Just mix and bake - no kneading, no rolling and no rising time is needed. When the crust is browned, add your favorite toppings. You can make a thin New York style, deep dish Chicago style or something in between. Wheat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and casein-free. Certified kosher.

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