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Our products have an infinite array of applications, from beverages and cocktails to dessert, sauces and even cuisine. With our customized packaging and private label division option, we are confident that

we will fulfill any of your needs, no matter what part of the food chain you are in.

Jungle Pulp for Margaritas

Visit our Chef’s Corner for delicious mangorita recipe and others.  Access our Behind the Bar section for information on our Jungle Pulp line of authentic purees that are tailored for Margarita mixes and cocktails. See our news section for more . . .


Fruit exports support local small farmers, as well as local communities in Costa Rica. Sustainable farming is common in the area, as well as socially responsible traders. Our roots go deep into the best sources of fruit in Costa Rica and we work with quality, reliable pulp processors who supply year round.

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